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Pure L Carnitine Tartrate Powder 100g Reactiv Supplements

Pure L Carnitine Tartrate

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Pure L Carnitine Tartrate powder

Additive and flavour free 

  • Natural weight loss and energy support
  • Faster acting, clean L Carnitine source
  • Help recovery and repair post exercise

Vegan Approved Product

What is Pure L Carnitine Tartrate?

L Carnitine L Tartrate (LCLT) is a form of L Carnitine that's bound to Tartaric Acid. Its claim to fame is that this combination may help it to be more quickly and more efficiently absorbed than other forms of Carnitine. The rapid uptake into the body makes it best suited for time critical use, such as early in the morning, pre-workout, or if needed just before an athletic event. The numerous weight loss and exercise studies that have been performed on L Carnitine are mainly using the L Carnitine Tartrate form. To help with weight loss, as well as for better physical performance and exercise recovery, it's considered to be the best form of Carnitine to use.

How can L Carnitine Tartrate help?

The amino acid L Carnitine is found naturally throughout the body. Foods that we eat that provide L Carnitine to our body are mainly meat and other animal products. If you are cutting back on meat or dairy, or following a plant based eating plan, then the diet may not provide ideal levels of L Carnitine.

One important function of L Carnitine, is to transport fats within the body to muscle cells for burning as a fuel source. L Carnitine Tartrate supplementation may be a simple step you can take to help support your bodies burning of body fat stores. It's also thought that L Carnitine Tartrate may help speed up the muscle recovery process after exercise. This may in turn provide added benefits for help with lean muscle support and reduced muscle soreness.

Uptake of L Carnitine Tartrate into the body may be improved by having it at the same time as carbohydrates.

What does Pure L Carnitine Tartrate contain?

Contains only 100% Pure L Carnitine Tartrate powder. This is a pure powder, free from additives, flavours, colours, and preservatives. Please note, L Carnitine Tartrate naturally has a citrus flavour.

How to use Pure L Carnitine Tartrate

Mix your personal serving size with water, or a drink.

Nutrition Information

Serving Size: 1 x 1/8 Teaspoon (500mg)

100% L Carnitine Tartrate

Overall Rating

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