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Pure Rice Protein Powder Sports Supplement, Vegan Protein Powder
Pure Rice Protein Nutrition Information
Pure Rice Protein Amino Acids Information
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Pure Rice Protein Nutrition Information
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Pure Rice Protein

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Natural Rice Protein


  • Ultra low carbohydrates
  • Highest quality plant protein
  • Economical value

Vegan Approved Product

What is Pure Rice Protein?

Carefully made from Brown Rice, Pure Rice Protein is a very high quality plant protein powder. It's very low calorie, without other ingredients, including flavourings and sweeteners. Due to its excellent amino acid profile and very high protein content, it's considered to be one of the best alternative proteins. It's a great protein supplement choice for plant based eaters, Vegetarians, and Vegans.

Natural Plant Protein

Pure Rice Protein is unflavoured, and all natural. If you are looking for a suitable plant based alternative to Whey protein, it's a great choice. It's made carefully with a safe, low temperature process that separates the carbohydrates, fat, and fiber, and leaves a clean, concentrated protein powder. It has a healthy nutrition profile, and our new improved formula contains close to zero carbohydrates and fat per serve. This makes it a very helpful plant protein source to use when wanting low carbohydrates or a clean protein supplement.

What's better, Rice Protein or Pea Protein?

Both Rice Protein and Pea Protein are very good plant protein sources. They can be used well on their own. Having the two together though may be a better option for more nutrition and support. The reason for this is that Pea Protein naturally contains low amounts of the amino acids Methionine and Cysteine, but is high in Lysine. Rice Protein on the other hand contains high levels of Methionine and Cysteine, but has low Lysine levels. The two used either together in the same shake, or at different times of day, may give greatest overall support.

How To Use Rice Protein Powder

Pure Rice Protein is best made with an electric blender. If made with water alone it has a slightly bitter taste and rough texture. This makes it quite different to Whey when mixed into a shake. Due to the bland flavour it will taste best when combined with fruit like bananas or frozen berries. Or add some of our 'Flav A Shake' flavour system, and see what you can do. It's a great option for increasing the protein content of your baked items such as muffins or pancakes.

Simple packaging

The packaging system we use are resealable bags.


100% Rice Protein (from Brown Rice).

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