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How to make your own Pre-Workout Supplement at home

Want to make your own decent Pre–Workout without any junk. This will have you in the zone in 30 minutes flat.

Here's what you need...


3g Pure Citrulline Malate

3g Pure Nitro

2g Beta Alanine

2g Pure Taurine

1g Flav A Shake, Lemon Burst (Flavouring Powder)

2 cubes of ice

150ml of cold water


Stir ingredients with the water and ice in a glass, until the amino's and flavour powder have dissolved. Or shake in a shaker. Drink about 30 minutes before training for a solid session. 


If you are a unit you can crank that Pure Citrulline dose up to 6g. You can thank me later.

Don't forget your post workout recovery shake, you will need it.

Train hard.


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