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Mike Honoré

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Mike Honoré - Training is in my blood

I started playing around with weights when I was about 14 years old. It was random training at home with a barbell and dumbbells that my parents gave me and my brothers for Christmas. It makes me laugh remembering how I spent a lot of time doing upright rows and bicep curls with my brothers. I was small and skinny compared to other kids, so my goal was to build muscle and strength. I was also doing different types of martial arts training. I think the martial arts also played a part in shaping my body from an early age (beginning at 11 years old).

I joined my first gym at 18 years old, and trained regularly in gyms from then on. The weight training became more serious when I hit my early twenties. About this time I stopped regular Muay Thai training, and it became easier to add more muscle. I weight train consistently week in week out, 4 workouts each week, sometimes 5 when I’m ramping things up. The biggest break I take from training is about 1 week’s rest every 12 months.

From the beginning I always had a very strong interest in nutrition, and sports nutrition supplements. I was always experimenting with anything new on the supplement market. To satisfy my bodybuilding and muscle gain dreams it seemed like a good idea to do some study.

I completed personal training and fitness instruction and prescription qualifications. Part of this provided the foundation in sports nutrition which inspired me to learn as much as possible in this area. This was while running my first business (graphic design). In my graphic design business – I began producing a lot of material for supplement companies, nutrition stores, gyms, personal trainers, vitamin, and weight loss supplement manufacturers. It was an interesting perspective of the fitness industry, I learnt a great deal!

At the same time my physique was coming along. People started noticing this and began asking me to train and coach them, and write them plans. This contributed to me starting Reactiv Supplements (in 2003). The aim was to put together a motivating website, that offered planning along with nutrition supplements to build your best body.

Starting Reactiv helped me put the emphasis of training into my life that I always wanted to. I believe if you talk the talk then you must walk the walk – so training became an even higher priority for me. Equally so did my diet and supplementation. You have to be 100% committed to each of these areas if you want to achieve your best body.

Mike Honoré

Supplement fan, and founder of Reactiv Supplements

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