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Mike's 5 Fat Burning Tips

You can out train a less than perfect diet, but training will only get you so far.

5 lessons I've learnt about Muscle

There's a lot of things I've learnt about lean muscle. How to build it, how to keep it, and how to lose it.

3 Ways to train harder in the gym

Looking for ways to train harder and increase your progress in your gym workouts?

Which muscles should I train first?

Do you have a strength weakness, or lagging muscle group, that you think is out of balance? It's a good idea to prior...

How long should I workout for?

If you're working out to build muscle, or to prevent muscle loss, then a good guide to go with is to complete your we...

How many calories do weight training workouts burn?

Resistance training, or weight training workouts, are considered to be moderate calorie burners compared to aerobic w...

5 Tips To Increase Workout And Training Gains

For lean muscle development or strength training, no matter how good progress is initially, eventually it will slow d...

5 common gym workout mistakes and how to fix them

Training for lean muscle development is not as simple as moving weights up and down. To protect the body from injury,...

How often should I go to the gym?

If you want to support or progress strength, muscle tone, and shape, then working out with weights 3 to 4 days per we...

How to beat a training slump

Workout motivation hitting the wall? Not excited anymore? Then it's time to reboot. Here's my tips to help you get st...

How to warm up for your weight training workout

It's been very cold at the gym lately. Remember to ALWAYS warm up sufficiently before you begin your weight training ...

One thing you should always do at the gym

I finished my first exercise yesterday and looked across the gym floor – 3 guys working out nearby were steering at t...
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