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Sports Supplements FAQS

How much whey protein powder would you recommend I use daily?

Your Primal Whey protein concentrate seems to be the best one I can find based on the recommended 'what to look for' by Dr Mercola. He recommends it's...

Can I increase my Testosterone levels by losing weight?

It depends on where you are at. For men body fat between 18% and 24% is considered an average body fat level. For opt...

Should I take Collagen or Whey Protein Powder?

Collagen is going through a popularity stage, sometimes supplements can be like this. You might have heard of Gelatin...

What is the best supplement to lose weight fast?

The strongest supplement to help support you to lose weight the fastest is called...

What is the best way to dissolve Creatine Monohydrate?

When stirring Micronised Creatine into water, it first goes into a suspension and cloudy appearance.

When is the best time to take Creatine?

On training days the time to take your Creatine is as soon as possible...

What are the best supplements to help prevent muscle and energy fatigue?

What are the best supplements I could take to help prevent muscle fatigue (during CrossFit workouts), and what could you suggest for extra energy?

Mike, which of your products make the best protein pudding?

One of the best proteins that will mix up like a pudding is the Supreme Pea Protein. For the right thickness, use les...

How do I take Acetyl L–Carnitine?

Question: Hi Mike, How do I take my Pure Acetyl L–Carnitine? Answer: Whether you are taking your Acetyl L–Carnitine t...

How can I stop the muscle pain after my workouts?

Question: Hi Mike, I've just started back weight training after too many years and forgot how sore the first month or...

Should I take my supplements every day, including rest days?

Question: Hi Mike, should I take all of my supplements every day, even on the days I don't train? Answer: Most supple...

I'm on Keto and don't want to lose any muscle mass – which supplement should I use?

Question: Hi Mike, I'm on a Keto Diet. This is a very low carb and high fat regime. I don't want to lose any muscle m...
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