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Our health, and training results, are directly linked to the quality of our nutrition. This is why I'm committed to sourcing the highest quality, PURE ACTIVE ingredients for my products. 'Pure Actives' represents to me the heart of Reactiv Supplements... ...puREACTIVes... ...Do you see what I did there? ;-) Now you know what REACTIV is made from. 

Certified Purity

Before the green light is given for use, each ingredient must be accompanied with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). A CoA is the industry name for a laboratory authenticated document that verifies purity. A range of tests are run to meet New Zealand safety standards, and these results are compiled on the CoA for checking specific standards measure up.

Hormone Free

I'm proud to offer only hormone free protein powders. Hormones are used overseas to stimulate greater milk production in cows. This causes needless suffering. It also risks our health, as this contaminated dairy finds its way into nutrition products. Hormone containing protein powders are coming into NZ by the container load.

NZ Loyal

I want to help make New Zealand stronger – that's why I remain loyal to local kiwi suppliers. A huge benefit of this is you and I can have greater confidence in our supplements. There's no question, when it comes down to it, the values in some places overseas don't match our ethics here at home.

If you're looking for trusted and pure nutritionals, Reactiv Supplements have been hand picked by me, for you, and for me too.

Live strong, live healthy,

Mike Honoré

Supplement fan, and founder of Reactiv Supplements

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