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Whey Protein Advice – How to choose one for you

For lean muscle and a toned body, Whey is the go to for protein support. It’s also great for helping overall health. But you may have wondered which type of Whey is best – Whey Concentrate, or Whey Isolate? Let’s take a closer look.

Whey Concentrate

Pure NZ Whey / Pure NZ Primal Whey / Defining Whey Premium

Due to undergoing the least production steps, Whey Concentrates usually contain more complete nutrition. This makes them a better choice for everyday use. Whey Concentrates from NZ are popular because, coming from cows that mainly eat grass, this results in the healthiest nutrition profile.

Whey Isolate

Pure NZ Isolate / Pure NZ Primal Isolate

If you need to cut out lactose (for lactose intolerance), or are counting calories very closely, then a Whey Isolate is for you. Isolates are made using an extra step of processing, removing almost all fat and carbs (lactose), to produce the highest protein content powder. This equals fractionally faster digestion speed, and lowest calories, but may mean less health support compared to a more nutritionally complete Whey Concentrate.

Initial Verdict

For maximum nutrition Whey Concentrate is best – but post workout, Whey Isolate has the edge for speed of delivery to hungry muscles. But there is an exception to the rule...

Cross Flow Micro-filtration Whey Isolate

Pure NZ Pro Iso XF

This type of Whey is the most highly regarded, and the most expensive to produce. It’s made using a careful technique called Cross Flow Micro-filtration. This method preserves the maximum amount of health benefits naturally in Whey. This Whey combines the best of both worlds – ultra low fat, carbs, and lactose, faster digestion speed, plus a more health supportive nutrition profile. It also tastes better (Isolates are traditionally thin in consistency and taste).


Pure NZ Whey, Pure NZ Primal Whey, and Defining Whey Premium are great as everyday protein sources – all are Whey Concentrates. For body and health support, they’re the way to go. When comparing taste and ease of mixing, Pure NZ Whey and Defining Whey Premium have the upper hand, but other than that they each offer equal benefits. If your diet requires you to go ultra lean on calories or lactose free, then go with Pure NZ Isolate or Pure NZ Primal Isolate instead. Or, for all the benefits of Whey Isolate, plus optimum nutrition, then Pure NZ Pro Iso XF is the very best choice.


Good quality Whey proteins contain very high amounts of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids. These are the key Amino Acids that support lean muscle. Whey also contains other nutritional properties that help contribute to lowering body fat, and to boosting immunity. If you’re prioritising supplement choices to support your fitness, then start with a good quality Whey first on the list, and work from there.

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