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How to make Rice Protein Powder Smoothies Taste Delicious

When I'm not using Rice Protein for my Saturday morning protein pancakes, I like to use it in smoothies. Here's my favourite recipe:

Pea Protein Dessert Idea

I've recently released my new Supreme Pea Protein powder. It makes a great plant based ingredient for uses other tha...

Smooth Peanut Butter, Oat, and Banana Protein Shake Recipe

This is one of my favourite shakes to make on weekends. It's full of fresh and satisfying taste, pure protein, and a ...

Easy high protein ice cream recipe

So you're craving something sweet and chocolate in the evenings? You may know that to burn bodyfat one way is to keep evening calories low, but sometimes the cravings are just TOO much. 

Apple 'n Oat Shake

This is my weekday mid morning and mid afternoon meal.

Make your own Protein Bars

Is there such a thing as a ‘healthy’ protein bar?

Fast and easy meal replacement shake

This is my home made meal replacement shake that contains the natural nutrition of low gi porridge, essential fats, and immune boosting and metabolism protection properties of whey.
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