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Our Story – Good Kiwi Thinking

Mike Honore NZ Bodybuilder And Kickboxer

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Since the day I did my first bicep curls, I've been into training. I was a skinny little fella back then, not very strong. I loved how it felt, pushing myself training, and my muscles reminding me the next day that I'd worked out hard. It was more than physical, it just felt right all round. Because I didn't have big muscles, to get more from my workouts, nutrition was a big thing, and I liked to use supplements to help. Supplements could help me push myself harder than just a good diet. I was committed.

As my training life grew, along with kitchen space for my supplements, cost was on my mind. I was also taking a closer look, and figuring that many added ingredients in my favourite supplements weren't really helping. I thought about clean nutrition a lot, and wondered why supplement companies didn't think like this too.

Thanks to good kiwi thinking, DIY was the way for me. I stopped buying pre–made supplements and switched to single ingredient powders. This saved me money, and it was a relief getting only what I needed, and nothing I didn't. Clean sports supplements helped give me a healthy base to train harder and live stronger. They still do, and always will.

On a sunny, warm afternoon early in 2003, with my car loaded with protein powder, I headed out to deliver my friends healthy supplements too. Reactiv Supplements, and my mission to provide better supplements for kiwi's began. Since that day I've never looked back.

Welcome to Reactiv Supplements. It would make me very happy to help you live stronger, and live healthier too.

Mike Honoré

Supplement fan, and founder of Reactiv Supplements

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