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Tips to power up your Whey Protein Shakes

3 to 4 Whey Protein Shakes a day is what works for me. When I need an extra edge, here's three of the ways I do it:

1) Pre Workout Boost – About 1 hour before training I mix my Whey Protein Shake in a blender, and include 1 teaspoon of Pure Organic Maca Powder. This is a great caffeine free kick, with a plethora of other added health benefits.

2) Digestive and Weight Loss Aid – Add 1 teaspoon of Pure Psyllium Husks Powder to a daytime Whey Protein Shake. Psyllium is a great natural fibre source for assisting digestion, as well as helping you feel full for longer.

3) Post Workout Recovery – Add 2 teaspoons of Pure Glutamine powder to your post workout Whey Protein Shake. Glutamine is one of the most used sports supplements for helping recovery from exercise, and for supporting the immune system. 

Remember, diet is usually the hardest obstacle when it comes to staying in shape. Keep it simple, and stick to the plan. Consistency is key.

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