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How to maximise post workout nutrition

Post workout nutrition contributes more to your training progress than any other meal time. Whether you want to maximise weight loss, lean muscle development, strength, or recovery, it's vital to get the 'post workout window of opportunity' nutrition in place. When covered, it will also help you perform a lot better when you train the next time too. 

A great first step many people take post workout is to use a whey protein shake. The reason being, it's digested faster and more easily than other protein sources, and it contains high amounts of the amino acids that help muscle recovery. For fastest speed of uptake Whey Isolate has the edge over other forms of Whey. This is because it has practically all of the fat removed. This is why Whey Isolate is ideal post workout.

The Whey Isolate I like to use myself is Pure NZ Pro Iso XF. As well as providing easily digested, very high protein, it also provides natural health support that other forms of Isolate don't. This is because the method used to make it, successfully retains important healthy micro-fractions rather than stripping them out. This technique is called Cross Flow Micro–Filtration (CFM), using low industry temperatures, so it remains undenatured. The added health support benefits make it more than just a pure protein supplement, and may offer an upper hand for recovery speed. 

The post workout window is also the safest time each day to eat carbohydrates. For recovery it's the most crucial time. After training your body is in a highly sensitive nutritional state. This means that carbs consumed will be preferentially stored as fuel for your next workout. The carbs also make great transport help to send amino's from your protein to your muscles, as well as transport other post workout amino's you take.

The first carbohydrate choice to add to a shake is usually Pure Dextrose, this is because of it's very fast digestion. It can be added and used on it's own directly to your protein shake. Another common technique to use is a mix of 50:50 Pure Dextrose and Pure Maltodextrin added to a shake. Athletes use this combo a lot because the two different digestion paths for the carbs provides the most effective carb replenishment for sports.

Another great carbohydrate source to add to a post workout shake is Pure NZ Rapid Oats. Being oats based it will provide more of a steady release over a much longer time. For strict weight loss diets it can be a more controlled way to go, or increase the serving size if you want to achieve a clean bulk goal.

Pure Taurine is great post workout. During weight training and intense workouts Taurine levels are lowered. Replenish your body levels by taking a serve post workout. Taurine may also help with Glycogen synthesis, so your carb supplements can be optimally used to refuel your muscles.

Here's my own post workout recovery shake. I put all of these ingredients into a shaker ready to go. I just add water, shake, and drink it asap post workout:

Mike's Post Workout Shake

60g of Pure NZ Pro Iso XF
20g of Pure Maltodextrin
20g of Pure Dextrose
20g of Pure NZ Rapid Oats
2g of Pure Taurine

If you would like some help putting together your own post workout shake, just let me know!
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