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So what makes kiwi protein powder so awesome anyway?

1) One biggie is it's 100% free from Growth Hormones. 'GH' is used to pump up overseas cows, so they make milk like gang busters. The 'roids from these mutant ninja cows are passed on into the milk supply. This makes an exciting, concentrated protein cocktail at the dairy factory. Frankenmilk anyone? Yeah, nah, I don't think your protein powder should glow at night like that.

2) Kiwi cows party outside. They're CrossFit cows really, healthy as an ox – keeping fit doing their body weight exercises, cardio, and eating plenty of healthy, natural greens. This is a big contrast to the overseas junkie cows in the 'lock up' and fed 'alternative' feed. Mmm what is that freaky stuff anyway, oh yeah GMO, nom, nom, nom.

3) In New Zealand we say no to thermo nukes in our dairy factories too. They resort to flame thrower treatment overseas, but in Aotearoa we figured out you can use technology instead. Tu meke. We use careful, low temperature methods to protect our protein powders naturally healthy properties. They're not barbecued, flame grilled, or crispy fried ;-)

4) And last but not least, kiwi protein supps haven't travelled to the moon and back, and finally to NZ. The dairy is originally sourced from a farm not far from here. Been to Northland or the Waikato? You might've driven past a farm or two where your protein comes from. Toot toot, moooooo! Pass me my shaker.
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