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How To Do Cheat Meals Guide

You will have heard it before. Eating a clean diet all the time can lead to stunted progress, or zero progress. The reason being, the metabolism tends to lose it's fire. One way to reignite is a burst of increased calories at the right time. But how do you do it without going too far, and spilling over extra calories into fat gain?

Pick from one of the following that's closest to your goal:

For strictly cutting up
If you are eating clean consistently each week, to burn body fat and drop weight, then 1 to 2 cheat meals once a week is what will work best for you. The perfect timing is to have a cheat meal on a training day, post training is the best time. Have your usual post workout shake asap after training, then about 30 minutes after that hit your cheat meal. Ideally make your cheat meal predominantly carbs and protein. Try to keep the fat level moderate, not high. If you are cutting up well and you feel you can include another cheat meal then make this anytime time prior to training, but no closer than about 60 minutes before. Aim to eat foods that will make you feel more energised for training, it can include more fat in this meal. If you are having your cheat meal/s on a non training day then plan to have them earlier in the day, and preferably no later than 4pm.

For muscle, strength gain, and shape
If you're eating clean each week and your goal is more muscle size and strength gain while maintaining shape, then 1 complete day once a week can be allocated as a cheat day. A rest day away from the gym is good for this purpose. Begin your day with meals more focused on faster digested carbs, and protein. As the day progresses switch to more slowly digested carbs, some fats, and keep your protein intake up also. Towards the evening taper off the carbs and don't eat so many at that time. The key to this is to not go crazy on the food choices, still try to keep them wholesome foods, but they can be higher calories and bigger portions than you are normally eating throughout the week.

For clean mass and size gain
If you are following a clean bulk eating plan each week, for maximum mass and weight gain, then the way to go for you is to have 2 cheat days a week. *Please note if you are on a dirty bulk plan you will not need any cheat meals. Most clean bulkers will have their cheat meals on the weekend because it fits into their schedule best this way. On day 1 (Saturday) eat more quickly digested carbs, along with protein with each meal. On day 2 (Sunday) switch to more slowly digested carbs, introduce fats, and keep the protein going with each meal too. On day 1 your body will utilise the carbs best so focus on more of those that day. Any exercise you do on the cheat day/s may impair your progress, so feel free to take the time out, away from training and focus on food timing.
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