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Casein Protein Advice – What is it and how to use it

There are 2 proteins that come from cows milk. Whey, the one most widely known for sports nutrition, and the other Casein.

Casein takes a lot longer to digest than Whey. The slow digestion is useful when there are long gaps between meals. This is why it’s often used before bed, to supply a steady protein release during sleep. Because it takes a long time to breakdown (up to 7 hours), it can also help you feel ‘full’ for longer, making it handy when cutting back on calories.

Another good thing about a high quality Casein is, like Whey Isolate, that it contains almost zero fat and zero carbs (almost zero lactose). It’s a very low calorie and clean protein source.

How to use it

Pure Casein mixes up thick, very thick. It's definitely best mixed in an electric blender. For a protein smoothie a lot of water is needed, or if less water is used it mixes up into a ‘mousse’ consistency. When I use it I like to make it into a low calorie chocolate mousse. You can use Casein at any time, but traditionally trainers use Whey around training (before, during and after), and Casein for other times, particularly before bed.

We stock 2 different unflavoured Casein protein powders:

Pure NZ Casein

This form of Casein contains the highest protein content, equal to our Whey Isolates. It’s the most suited Casein for a low calorie diet, or a diet that requires minimal lactose (if you are lactose sensitive), containing almost zero carbs and zero fat. It takes the longest time to digest. The slow release and high protein content make it great as part of a ‘gaining’ plan also. This is a helpful tool to add to a strict diet supplement tool box.

Pure NZ Micellar

This type of milk protein is sometimes called 'Micellar Casein'. It’s production method protects it from denaturing, maintaining 'native' properties. 'Native' milk proteins are sought after for all–round nutritional support. Like other Caseins, Pure NZ Micellar offers slow digestion, but has the added benefit of the protein content being naturally made up of both Casein (80% Micellar Casein), and Whey (20%). This is a great combination of slow and fast release protein – making it an ideal 'all in one' protein powder. Interestingly, even though this protein contains some naturally occurring carbs and fat, many people report great weightloss benefits when using it.    


For lowest calories, lowest lactose, and slowest digestion speed go with Pure NZ Casein. For more complete nutritional benefits, and a ‘time-release’ of slow and fast proteins go with Pure NZ Micellar.

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