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Question: Is it ok to take Defining Whey at bedtime or is Casein better?

Casein Protein Powder

Question: Is it ok to take my Defining Whey protein powder as a bedtime supplement or is it best to use Casein protein powder instead? I'm supplementing Defining Whey protein 2 to 3 times a day but now looking at something for before bed to take away the night time cravings and help recovery etc.

Answer: It's ok to use your Defining Whey protein as a bedtime supplement, but Casein protein powder is better suited. This is due to the difference in digestion times. Whey protein powder will cover you for about 3 hours, alternatively Casein protein powder will do the job for up to 7 hours. This is what makes Casein so good at night. Some people like to mix up a shake of half Defining Whey and either half Pure NZ Casein or half of the other Casein protein we stock called Pure NZ Micellar. This method of blending Casein and Whey together can work well as a good time release combination.

The best Casein choice for helping to reduce cravings is Pure NZ Casein, it's a 100% Casein protein supplement. It mixes up very, very thick, (like mousse, depending on how much water you add) and helps fills you up for a long time. Another bonus is it contains close to zero carbs and fat (very much like a Whey Isolate in that way), which is useful if watching carbs at night, or dieting.

Pure NZ Micellar is another good choice for evenings, or anytime you want sustained protein release. It's naturally made up of 80% Casein (Micellar Casein), and 20% Whey. Pure NZ Micellar is not as ultra–thick and filling as the Pure NZ Casein, but is still a fair bit thicker than Whey, and has the natural Casein slower digestion properties. You can mix it 50:50 with your Defining Whey too, to make a satisfying smoothie.

Keep in mind that Pure NZ Micellar does have some natural carbohydrate content compared to Pure NZ Casein (which is close to zero), but is still helpful for leaning up. Many people rate it for this purpose.
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