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B vitamins for health & wellbeing

Posted October 02, 2012

The B group is a collection of 8 vitamins essential for maintaining health. Most of them can’t be stored by the body so they need to be consumed daily in your diet. More B vitamins may be needed if you exercise, are dieting, or are under stress.

B vitamins help the body produce energy, increase stamina, reduce fatigue - and help you recover from training. They also aid proper digestion, especially of carbohydrates. B vitamins are fantastic for helping the body to cope with stressful periods, and for reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

You can find B vitamins in wholegrains, eggs, milk, fish, and green leafy vegetables - but remember cooking and processing of foods, and alcohol consumption can all destroy these sensitive vitamins. Also since many of the foods rich in B’s are of animal origin vegans/vegetarians are at more risk for a vitamin B deficiency. A lack of B vitamins in your diet can lead to anemia, heart issues and problems with the nervous system.

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