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Pea Protein Dessert Idea

I've recently released my new Supreme Pea Protein powder. It makes a great plant based ingredient for uses other than shakes and smoothies too.

If you are wanting a clean and low calorie dessert idea, then halve the amount of water you would usually use to mix Supreme Pea Protein into a shake. Mix Supreme Pea Protein and the water well, until smooth, in a handshaker or blender. Then spoon this into a bowl. It will be very thick, it looks like chocolate fudge mousse! Put that into the fridge to chill for about 30 minutes.

When you are ready to eat it, add some frozen mixed berries on top, and you have a healthy, all plant based protein snack. There's nothing artificial in there, and it's low carb and low fat. No guilt whatsoever. Enjoy.

The pic up the top there is how I make it.

I've added that to my Instagram page here: ReactivSupplements

And my Facebook page here: ReactivSupplements


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