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Reactiv Pure New Zealand Primal Whey Protein Powder Unflavoured
Pure NZ Primal Whey Protein
Pure NZ Primal Whey Protein Powder Nutrition Information
NZ Primal Whey 450g Mini Tubs
Pure NZ Primal Whey Protein Amino Acid Analysis
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Pure NZ Primal Whey Protein
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pure NZ Primal Whey Protein Powder Nutrition Information
Load image into Gallery viewer, NZ Primal Whey 450g Mini Tubs
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pure NZ Primal Whey Protein Amino Acid Analysis

Pure NZ Primal Whey

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The most raw NZ Whey.

Unflavoured and free from all additives.

Healthy grass fed.

  • Less processed and Soy free
  • Best clean diet or Paleo protein
  • Low temperature production

Lacto–Vegetarian Approved Product

Non Instantised Raw Whey Protein

Pure NZ Primal Whey is the most raw form of whey protein powder. At the dairy factory, when whey powders are made, they normally go through an extra processing step called 'instantisation'. This step, which bonds an instantiser ingredient to whey, is what helps it dissolve in liquid when you mix up a shake. The most often used instantiser ingredient is called Soy Lecithin. This can be shown as 'Lecithin' in ingredients lists on protein powder labels.

A more healthy whey supplement

From a health support perspective, the less processed whey is, the better. We get ours before instantisation is performed, and before anything else is added. Coupled with this is minimal, low temperature processing. This is the best way to help maintain highest levels of its valuable, natural health properties. If you're on a clean food diet, following a Paleo or Primal lifestyle, or on a detox, and want the benefits of a whey concentrate, then this is the most suitable option.

High BCAA whey

Made by a careful, dairy industry technique called Ultra-filtration, Pure NZ Primal Whey has very high levels of valuable amino acids. These include the BCAAs and EAAs sought after by athletes – to help performance, recovery, and lean muscle. It's also a great choice as a diet whey to help support a weight loss program. For lean muscle, or weight loss help it's recommended for use at least 1 to 2 times per day. It can also be used to provide the protein part of any other meal each day too. This is often a more cost effective option, when compared to other protein sources like meat.

How to mix raw whey

The best result is achieved by using an electric blender and mixing with water. There's no difference from a standard instantised whey shake, if you make it this way. Shaken in a hand shaker, and with patience (by shaking for a bit longer), it dissolves reasonably well, but don't expect as smooth a texture as instantised whey, or the same as you will get with an electric blender. The flavour is neutral, but not quite as creamy as an instantised Whey. If you need the least processed protein shake, then this is the best choice.

Natural grass fed NZ Whey protein

Pure NZ Primal Whey is made from fresh New Zealand cows milk. Milk products from Aotearoa are in high demand around the world. The reason for this is our cows produce healthier milk. Government legislation helps keep our cows safe from the harm of dangerous hormone use. Along with being hormone free, farmers also let their cows roam freely in paddocks, where they can graze on a grass diet. This natural diet, and no hormones status, is what sets New Zealand dairy apart from other countries. We are very fortunate.


We use mini tubs and resealable packs.


Whey Protein Concentrate (from fresh New Zealand Milk – using Ultrafiltration).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jacqueline Kaye
Best Whey

I love all the why on this website that I've tried, IO bought Pure Whey which is great but if you are mixing into coffee (like me) this one works better. I also find it to be smoother. That said, all products I've tried have been delicious thus far.

Best Choice

I am so grateful that this product is available. Clean, NZ dairy protein has massive value for the nutrition of general health, illness recovery, weight maintenance and muscle development. Personally, I will choose no other brand and the mix-ability difference is a non issue. In fact I find that if I mix the night before- just with a fork, and leave overnight for breakfast the next morning- it’s perfectly mixed. Otherwise using a blender works a treat. I actually prefer the flavour as it’s not too sweet and if I want sweetness- I’ll add fruit. Other brands are too sweet, and cannot be adjusted to taste. Huge respect for the Reactiv team for their top notch customer service! It’s always a pleasure!

Just the whey

The reason I like this whey powder and stick to it, is it is just that, nothing else, just protein. If you want the cleanest nz protein powder around this is it. Recommended.

Best Whey

This is the only whey i use and swear by. One of the most pure and natural whey product that i have come across and continually use. Easy 5 stars from me.

Pure flavour

I love the natural flavour of Primal Whey, for some reason I never grow tired of it. I'll mix it with peanut butter or Greek Yoghurt and it won't overpower the other flavours, but it will give me that bump in protein that I need. I've used Mike's products for years and not only recommend him as a great source of knowledge, but more importantly, someone you can trust to develop a quality product.

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