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Reactiv Supplements Magnesium Restore Zen 90 Capsules
Reactiv Supplements Magnesium Restore Zen 90 Capsules Benefits
Load image into Gallery viewer, Reactiv Supplements Magnesium Restore Zen 90 Capsules
Load image into Gallery viewer, Reactiv Supplements Magnesium Restore Zen 90 Capsules Benefits

Magnesium Restore Zen

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Advanced Magnesium blend with Magnesium Glycinate, 'The Sleep Help Magnesium', PLUS L–Theanine!

  • STRONGER help for deep, restful sleep
  • INCREASED muscle recovery assistance
  • MORE calm mind and relaxation support

Vegan Approved Product

What is Magnesium Restore Zen?

Magnesium Restore Zen is a carefully crafted, triple Magnesium formula, now in a Capsule. This unique Magnesium combination is here to help relax the mind and muscles, aid sleep, and assist recovery from exercise. For calming nervous system support, and sleep assistance, we've added L–Theanine. Natural Lemon Balm is also included, teaming up to help sooth aches and pains, and ease the mind.

Magnesium Restore Zen may help provide fast support for Magnesium levels reduced through physical and mental exertion, and dietary gaps. Magnesium Restore Zen is recommended to be taken at times when rest and recovery help is important. It's a simple solution to help with health protection and training progress, and to support relaxation and deeper, more restful sleep.

What is a Magnesium supplement used for?

Magnesium is regarded by athletes in particular, as a supplement that may help with muscle performance, recovery from workouts, energy levels, and for strengthening immunity. When working out regularly, maintaining optimum Magnesium levels in the body may help you train harder, and help prevent reduced performance and health. Supplementing this important mineral is a great way to support an active lifestyle.

Magnesium to wind down

The refreshing benefits of Magnesium don't end with training. It's also a great way to help 'wind down' your mind, and your body. The inclusion of the Glycinate form of Magnesium, L–Theanine, and Lemon Balm is to assist in greater overall physical and mental relaxation. To help support better sleep, take a serving in the evening about 1 hour before bed.

What does Magnesium Restore Zen contain?

For optimum benefits, a blend of three specific types of Magnesium are used. Magnesium Glycinate (the 'Sleep and Calming Help Magnesium' form), Magnesium Citrate (the 'Complete Body Health Magnesium' form), and Magnesium Phosphate (the 'Muscle Relaxation Magnesium' form). L–Theanine and Lemon Balm are also included, to help support maximum recovery, relaxation and sleep health benefits.

How to use Magnesium Restore Zen

Depending on activity levels and goals, take 1 to 3 capsules each day. To support rest and recovery take post workout. For help optimising sleep, take later in the evening, about 1 hour before bed.

How to get more from a Magnesium supplement

For maximum benefits, combining both Magnesium Restore Zen and Zinc Matrix together may help even more. For this purpose take both together later in the evening. 

Vegan suitable Magnesium formula

The ingredients used are all Vegan approved. The formula has been designed to be a suitable support choice when following plant based eating.

Nutrition Information

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings per tub: 90

(Typical analysis)

Magnesium Glycinate: 150mg

(Equiv. Magnesium 30mg)

Magnesium Citrate: 150mg

(Equiv. Magnesium 24mg)

Magnesium Phosphate: 150mg

(Equiv. Magnesium 30mg)

Lemon Balm: 100mg

(Equiv. Melissa Officinalis 1000mg)

L–Theanine: 50mg

100% Vegan Product.

Overall Rating

 Mike's Rating  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★ 


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Customer Reviews

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Jordan Henderson

Mixes well & tastes great, especially when had with ice water - super refreshing! Wide range of magnesium forms & generously dosed

As someone who struggles with insomnia, taking this in the evening before bed really helps me wind down and get to sleep fast. When I have missed the odd dose, I can always tell my sleep has been much less deep and therefore less restorative than what busy modern life demands. It has become an essential in my nightly routine. Highly recommend!

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