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NZ Oats And Whey Protein Powder From New Zealand
Pure NZ Oats And Whey Protein Powder Nutrition Information
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Pure NZ Oats And Whey

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Wholesome NZ Oats and NZ Whey Shake

Tastes great in Vanilla Cookie flavour!

Naturally sweetened, free from Soy

  • Health supportive carbs and Whey
  • Fast and easy to prepare
  • Delicious NZ made nutrition

Lacto–Vegetarian Approved Product

What is Pure New Zealand Oats and Whey?

Pure New Zealand Oats and Whey is a nutrient rich, highest quality whey protein and oats, shake formula. It's a convenient blend of clean NZ sourced protein and healthy NZ complex carbohydrates, that can be used any time of day, or night. It's also excellent taken as a post workout shake. When you are time pressed for a meal, it's handy and fast to make. Due to the clean calories in this formula it's ideal to use as part of a weightloss plan. Or, if taken in larger serving sizes, then it's also great to use as a go to shake for a clean muscle gain plan.

How to Make An Oats And Whey Shake

When making your Pure New Zealand Oats and Whey shake, it's recommended to mix it in an electric blender with water or milk. That's the best way to go for a smooth, and creamy shake. Adding some Greek Yogurt tastes great too. If you need to, you can add the formula straight to a hand shaker for mixing, instead of using an electric blender. When mixing this way, it's best to add plenty of water, please note it won't be as smooth as using a blender, but it still tastes great. Shake for at least a minute or more if needed.

Pure Oats And Natural Whey

Pure New Zealand Oats and Whey is free from artificial ingredients and artificial sweeteners. It's also free from fillers, Soy, and GE ingredients.


Depending on your goal, blend four tablespoons (60 grams), or six tablespoons (90 grams) with cold water, or milk. Take one to four servings daily to help meet your nutrition needs.


100% Ultra Filtration New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate (from Milk), New Zealand Micronised Oats, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Natural Stevia, Instantiser (Sunflower Lecithin).

Contains Gluten

Overall Rating

 Mixability  ★  ★  ★  ★   
 Taste  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★   
 Mike's Rating   ★  ★  ★  ★  ★ 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tasty & healthy :D

Zero complaints about this. As the description says it doesn't mix as smooth as other proteins, but the texture is similar to that of porridge due to the oats & I actually rather like it since the flavour itself is great as well.

I'm a runner who uses higher calorie proteins to maintain my energy & weight as opposed to bulking up. I find Oats & Whey more ideal for my needs compared other products because the ingredient list is natural & very short due to it not containing all the random fillers & chemicals that other lower quality ones have. 5 stars!

Hi Thomas, I'm glad you've found Oats And Whey and it suits your needs. Thanks, and all the best with your running, Mike

Very tasty

Purchased for the first time and I am really impressed. It is always a gamble for me buying flavoured products. I am currently mixing in a shaker, just for convenience when I'm on the go, and yeh, the texture is a little gritty especially in the last few gulps. I knew this would be the case and totally doesn't bother me. Taste wise it is very nice with water and even nicer with milk. I find it difficult to eat big carb meals in this hot weather so this will really help me top up throughout the day.

Tastes like an ANZAC biscuit! Delish!

Great tasting product, mixes well and you can't beat the fact it helps give you the right balance of protein and carbs!

Couldn't recommend more! :-)

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