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5 Rice Protein Benefits

1) Easiest digestion. Different forms of protein powders, Dairy, Egg, and Soy based, can cause stomach discomfort and upset for some people. Rice Protein is an option that's kindest on the stomach and digestion.

2) Very low allergy. Protein shake powders that contain Soy, Wheat, Egg, or Dairy can cause different types of allergic responses for some people. In these cases Rice Protein is a great alternative due to it being free from allergens.

3) Great for cooking and heating. Unlike other protein powders, Rice Protein is unaffected during baking and cooking, and is not damaged. Rice Protein is excellent as a clean, high protein ingredient, that can be added to muffins, breads, pancakes, soups, and other baking and cooking.

4) Medium and Fast Absorption. Rice Protein is considered to be a medium speed digested protein, apart from it's Leucine content. Leucine is the amino acid in BCAA supplements and protein powders that contributes the most to help support muscle. A 2014 study at the University of Tampa revealed that the Leucine from Rice Protein was absorbed FASTER into the body than the Leucine from Whey Protein Isolate.

5) Completely Vegetarian and Vegan, with minimal processing. Pure Rice Protein is free from all other ingredients, nothing else is added. The minimal production and careful methods taken to produce it, make it one of the closest to nature, least processed forms of protein powder you can use. 
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