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How to eat a low carbohydrate diet

Eating a low carbohydrate diet can be an effective way to help burn off body fat. A low carbohydrate diet does not mean to eat no carbohydrates. It means to maintain carbohydrate intake usually from 50 grams to 150 grams of carbohydrates per day. The amount of carbs you should eat depends on how fast you would like to make progress. It also depends on what type of exercise routine you follow, and how intense it is.

100 grams to 150 grams of carbohydrates per day will work well most of the time. If the plan is to make progress more quickly, or if weightloss is stubborn, then 50 grams to 100 grams of carbohydrates per day will really help turn results to full on.

The types of carbohydrates you eat will also help influence the rate of burning of body fat. Choose mainly low glycemic index (Low GI) carbohydrates. These carbs provide a more steady release of energy in the body, which is the best environment to assist the weight loss process. They will help you feel full for longer and provide more lasting energy. Some very good Low GI carb choices are Oats, Kumara, and Brown Rice. It's also recommended to eat plenty of low carbohydrate containing vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, etc.

You should eliminate liquid sugar carbohydrate sources like soft drinks, energy drinks, and fruit juices. If you have a craving for something sweet, using a natural plant sourced sweetener like Pure Stevia can be helpful, it's free from sugar and calories. Pure Stevia can be added to smoothies, drinks, and anywhere else you want to replace sugar. It's recommended to avoid artificial sweeteners, these can have a number of negative effects on the body, and ironically slow down the fat burning process. Important ones to avoid are Sucralose (E955), Aspartame (E951), and Acesulfame K (E950). You will see these ones in the nutrition panels of protein powders, protein cookies and protein bars, and diet soft drinks. To learn more about low carbohydrate eating, you are welcome to email me, or find my Rough Cut V2 Diet here –> Mike's Diet
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