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I'm on Keto and don't want to lose any muscle mass – which supplement should I use?

Question: Hi Mike, I'm on a Keto Diet. This is a very low carb and high fat regime. I don't want to lose any muscle mass. Which product of yours would you recommend? I have purchased your products before but I fell off the wagon so to speak and put on a bit of weight.

Answer: I know what you're going through – I've used ketogenic diets too. For protecting muscle mass on a keto diet I would recommend Pure Glutamine which you've used before. I find Micronised Creatine is also useful on keto, and helps me keep my strength up for training as well as helps support muscle mass.

The best proteins to use on keto are Pure NZ Pro Iso XF, Pure NZ Primal Isolate, Pure NZ Isolate, and Pure NZ Casein, they're all close to zero carbs. If looking for plant protein sources, then Pure European Pea Protein Isolate, and Pure Rice Protein are both close to zero carbs too. Due to the way Pure NZ Pro Iso XF is made it is a more health supportive protein powder – when you're pushing it to the limit on keto, that ones pretty handy. You may also find Magnesium Restore, and Zinc Matrix help with recovery and keeping your hormone and sleep patterns healthy. Use a Magnesium and Zinc together.

Being on keto can drain your energy, so if you need help with a natural caffeine free training lift, then Hellcat Pre-workout is good help. There's BCAA's in there, Glutamine, Citrulline Malate, Organic Maca, and close to zero carbs. 

Train hard.

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