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Should I take my supplements every day, including rest days?

Question: Hi Mike, should I take all of my supplements every day, even on the days I don't train?

Answer: Most supplements are more effective when you take them every day, even on the days you don't train. When we take supplements like Creatine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, Taurine, and the different L Carnitine's, we are keeping the 'pool' in the body topped up, so that when we do train we have optimum levels. If we don't take these every day then levels may be less than optimum at training time.

Exercise causes damage to muscle tissue. In the days following training there is an increased need by the body for repair amino acids like Glutamine, and the amino acids in your protein powder. It's very important to continue consistent protein intake on your rest days, including taking your protein shakes. This may help your muscles recover faster and be ready in time to go for your next workout.

As far as BCAAs go you can take them every day if you want, to help further with repair, but if you are using a protein powder then that should cover your needs on the rest days. There is a time when BCAAs may help you more if taken every day. This is when you are on a very calorie restricted diet, or on a Ketogenic diet. Taking BCAAs regularly throughout the day, may help provide more muscle insurance as well as more energy.

For strong thermogenic fat burners like TR2, you can have a break from these on rest days, this can be beneficial for the body. Cycling on and off thermogenic fat burner supplements may help keep them working at a higher level for a longer period of time. If your weight loss deadline is shorter, say 2 to 6 weeks, then to help keep maximum progress going you might want to continue taking them every day. 

For superfood supplements like Organic Maca Powder, Organic Spirulina, and Vitamins and Minerals like Zinc Matrix and Vitamin C Protect, it's more beneficial to take these every day, to help support your body best.

Train hard.

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  • It’s a GREAT ARTICLE, very helpful. Thanks for share your knowledge.

    Marcelo Rocha

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