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5 Ways To Get More Gains From Your Protein Shake

If you are regularly using protein shakes, applying the below protein powder tips will help you maximise your nutrition efforts, and get the most value out of them too.

1) Spike Insulin. Adding a carbohydrate powder to your protein shake mix is the most effective, natural way, to nutritionally increase delivery of protein to muscles. Post workout use a high GI carb like Pure Dextrose. Or alternatively, an often used pro–athlete technique is to use 1 part Pure Dextrose and 1 part Pure Maltodextrin, with 2 parts of protein powder (usually Whey). This combination is considered by sports professionals to be the best way to transport protein to hungry muscles. If you are on an ultra clean diet, and trying to maintain as much definition as possible, then switch out the Dextrose and Maltodextrin for Pure NZ Rapid Oats instead.

2) Spread Intake. Workout your daily protein needs then spread the total over 5 or 6 equally spaced protein hits per day, rather than just 2 or 3. This method will place less load on the digestive system, as well as create a more steady coverage of incoming amino acids. This is particularly important if on a calorie restricted diet for weight loss. You will feel you have better energy, and recover faster from work out sessions.

3) Keep Protein Intake Consistent. Still take your protein shakes on your days off training. On the days you don't train, your muscles are in repair mode, busily reconstructing torn muscle fibres. Protein intake is just as important on these recovery days. Maintain the supply of protein building blocks so this job can be optimal, and keep moving forward. 

4) Use Protein Type Timing. Pure NZ Isolate is the fastest digested protein powder. This makes it perfect at breakfast and post workout when the body needs amino acids fast. Pure NZ Casein is very slowly digested. Use it in the evenings, before bed, or during the night. Casein also comes in handy during the day, if you know you might have to miss a normally scheduled protein meal. If you know it's going to be a long time between feedings, it will cover you over much wider gaps of time.

Another useful technique is to make your own time released protein powder blends. Combine fast digested Whey Protein Isolate with slow digested Casein Protein together into one shake. Or even try including some Pure European Pea Protein Isolate into the mix. Pea Protein has a medium rate digestion speed. By mixing your own blends you can benefit from your own, custom time release protein shake.

5) Include Fibre. For daytime or night time shakes (excluding post workout, breakfast time, or anytime you want fastest protein uptake), adding some fibre to your protein shakes will help improve your digestion through healthier gut support. Many bodybuilders and people following weight loss plans focus a lot on maximising protein intake while reducing or eliminating carbohydrate foods (like on a Keto / Ketogenic Diet). Because this will also cut out much needed fibre, using a supplement like Pure Psyllium Husks Powder is a good way to improve digestive health for optimum protein uptake.

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