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How many calories do weight training workouts burn?

Resistance training, or weight training workouts, are considered to be moderate calorie burners compared to aerobic workouts like running or cycling. The advantage with weight training is though that by developing lean muscle you may increase the amount of calorie burning your body is capable of round the clock. The more muscle you have on your body, the higher your metabolism. Holding onto, or building lean muscle, is an important step for helping to tap into fat calories for burning, and for reducing body fat levels.

Harvard Medical School provides the following estimates of how many calories weight training workouts may burn. By raising the intensity of your weight training, and by lifting heavier weights you can further increase the amount of calories burned at training. Also, keep in mind that lifting heavier weights boosts your metabolism more AFTER weight training has finished, than if you use lighter weights.

A general weight training session of 30 minutes will burn the following:

90 calories if you weigh 56kg
112 calories if you weigh 70kg 
133 calories if you weigh 84kg

A vigorous weight training session of 30 minutes will burn the following:

180 calories if you weigh 56kg
223 calories if you weigh 70kg
266 calories if you weigh 84kg

Recent studies have found that weight training workouts that involve more strength gain focused exercises burn higher calories than the above estimates.

The take home message is, if you want to build a leaner and more toned body, then weight training sessions that are intense, focused on developing strength and lifting heavier weights, will help tap into greater amounts of calories.
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