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How often should you stretch and why

Why athletes (and cats) stretch often. Over time, as we build our muscles, strength, and/or get older, if we don't st...

How to avoid gym strains and pains

Muscle and joint injuries can appear almost from nowhere. When they do, you can be out of action for a long time (not to mention suffering some major pain).

Cardio before or after weight training?

If cardio fitness isn’t your main target then push weights first and do cardio after, or do them at separate times of day.

Build muscle with Super, Compound, and Tri Sets

If you've been bodybuilding for a while you may have heard of Supersets, Compound Sets, and Tri Sets. These are advanced weight training techniques used to increase intensity and overload on muscles.

Size and strength

Question: I want some decent muscle size and strength development, how much time should I be spending in the gym? 

Enter the fat burning zone

Losing fat and getting lean is hard work. The extremes we go to sometimes feels like torture. I have to agree with our 'balanced' friends and families point of view - it looks like complete madness. 

How to get six pack abs

We see them everywhere, abs, abs and more ripped abs. People are obsessed with them, and want them. Each corner we turn we see cut and defined mid sections.

Double barrelled fat burning

For losing fat fast, try the recent cardio technique from researchers at the University of Kansas.

Plan to succeed at shaping up

Wakey, wakey. It’s time to drag your butt up and out of that collapsing couch that you are slowly morphing into. If you’ve had visions of transforming yourself, it’s time to take action.

plan to succeed

Want a leaner, harder looking physique, and fast? It can be done. Exchanging a spongy body for a razor sharp physique will take work, but you and I both know the rewards will make it worth it! 

How to build muscle with weight training

When your goals are to build muscle, burn body fat, and improve health there are 3 areas of importance to focus on - nutrition, cardio, and weight training.

Fat Burning Cardio. Part 2

When it comes to getting lean many people assume that endless hours of dull and teeth grittingly laborious cardio is on the menu. This doesn't have to be the case.
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