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Question: Is it ok to take Defining Whey at bedtime or is Casein better?

Question: Is it ok to take my Defining Whey protein powder as a bedtime supplement or is it best to use Casein protein powder instead? I'm supplementing Defining Whey protein 2 to 3 times a day but now looking...

How to cook with Whey Protein, and can you heat it safely?

The bodybuilding community has always benefitted from diet plans rich in protein, and shown us the results on stage, on screen, and in the gym. The majority of fitness professionals also support their same...

Are you experiencing Muscle Soreness and Slow Recovery?

An often overlooked reason, that'll slow down muscle recovery, is poor gut health. If it's not optimum then you can't expect recovery to be ideal either. All the amino's and protein powders we eat need...

DIY Home Made Protein Bars – plus what to avoid!

Finding a decent protein bar is not easy. Avoid these ingredients: Sugar alcohols, xylitol, erythritol, sorbitol, fructose, high...

My Top 4 Amino Acid supplement list to end muscle soreness

I’m often asked what Amino Acid supplements to use to speed muscle recovery and reduce nagging soreness that lasts for days after training. Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle, but some...

Rachel Millns, Miss Universe NZ, talks diet, exercise, and living

Rachel Millns is the newly crowned Miss Universe New Zealand, 2014. Passionate about skincare, nutrition and overall wellbeing, Rachel kindly agreed to a chat about herself and healthy living.

No one sets out to get fat

"No one sets out to get fat, it just seems to happen over time and suddenly it dawns on you one day that hell, I’m fat." - A personal account on weight loss & training, by Greg Turrell

New: Primal Isolate

Are you following a Paleo eating regime, detox, or clean nutrition plan, & need pure whey isolate?

Pure Organic Maca Powder has arrived!

We are now stocking Organic Maca Powder. Find out for yourself why this peruvian root has such an amazing reputation for helping boost energy, stamina, and libido.

Post Workout Amino Stack

After Christmas I had an awesome time training in Thailand - just Thai Boxing - no weights, no shakes. So now it's repair mode. I'm stacking amino's. This is how I put them together.

Massive Savings on Creatine!

We have New Zealand's best prices on the world's best Creatine - German "Creapure®". Take your training to the next level with the most cost effective supplement.

On Paleo? Check out NEW Pure NZ Primal Whey!

Primal Whey is an alternative whey concentrate supplement. We believe that less processing is best for maintaining whey protein powders healthy properties.
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