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Post Workout Amino Stack

After Christmas I had an awesome time training in Thailand - just Thai Boxing - no weights, no shakes. So now it's repair mode. Regular shakes again feels good. Along with the shakes, I'm stacking amino's. This is how I put them together.

My current post workout amino stack ->

- Glutamine, 10g

- Creatine Monohydrate, 5g

- BCAA Instantised, 10g

- Beta Alanine, 2g

- Plus... Vitamin C, 1g

I drink my shake asap when I get home after training, then stir all of my amino's together in about 150 mls of water & down it. BCAA's make it taste like total a#@e, so after that I wash it down with about 200 mls of Chocolate milk!

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