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Easy high protein ice cream recipe

So you're craving something sweet and chocolate in the evenings? You may know that to burn bodyfat one way is to keep evening calories low, but sometimes the cravings are just TOO much. If you are submitting to the wrong foods at night then try this idea as a healthier option. It delivers a decent hit of protein and tastes awesome, without serious calorie damage!


1 to 2 servings


1 large chopped banana, peeled and frozen 

4 scoops of Reactiv Pure New Zealand Whey

2 heaped teaspoons of Cocoa, or Fudge Decadence Flav A Shake


Place frozen chopped banana pieces into a blender along with Reactiv Pure New Zealand Whey and Cocoa (or Flav A Shake). Then hit blend. This will take a few stops and starts. Scrap the sides of the bowl down every 30 seconds or so. Continue blending until the consistency is the same as soft serve ice cream. This melts fast so eat it quick, or put it in the freezer until later. 

Another option is to use Reactiv Defining Whey instead of Pure New Zealand Whey, and leave the Cocoa or Flav A Shake out.

Try adding other frozen fruits like strawberries, berries, and mango etc if you want to. 

WARNING: Do not hold me responsible for a possible blender meltdown ;-) When I last made this my blender started smoking after I left it running too long.

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