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F45, F45 Challenge, and CrossFit, what protein to use

Have you been wondering what protein you should use for F45, the F45 Challenge, or for CrossFit? Here's a run down to help:

Whey Protein

The Whey Proteins offer different benefits but are all suitable. You can combine them on the same plan together if you choose.

Whey Protein Concentrate

The best 'all in one' Whey proteins, for fat burning, lean muscle, and health support, are New Zealand 'Grass Fed' Whey Concentrates. They are the most nutrition dense of the Whey proteins, and because they are Grass Fed sources include amounts of a healthy type of fat called CLA. This is a unique and valuable fat that may contribute to helping burn off body fat faster as well as lean muscle building.

Choose from:

Pure NZ Primal Whey. This is our most raw, unflavoured Whey Concentrate (a blender is recommended).

Pure NZ Whey. This is our smoothest, easiest to mix and drink unflavoured Whey Concentrate.

Defining Whey Premium. This is our smooth, easy mixing, flavoured Whey Concentrate that comes in 3 delicious flavours, with nothing artificial.

Whey Protein Isolate

The lightest, lowest calorie Whey Proteins, are called Whey Isolates. They are close to zero fat and carbohydrates. If wanting to avoid Lactose (Milk carbohydrates), then these have the lowest Lactose content of the Whey Proteins. They are also New Zealand Grass Fed sources, but due to having virtually all of the fat removed, do not have the healthy fat containing properties that the Whey Concentrates do above.  

Choose from:

Pure NZ Primal Isolate. This is our most raw, unflavoured Whey Isolate (a blender is recommended).

Pure NZ Pro Iso XF. Due to a specialised production method, this Whey maintains the most health properties out of Whey Isolates. It mixes smooth and easily.

Pure NZ Isolate. This is identical to our Pure NZ Primal Isolate, except it has been instantised for easiest mixing and a smooth taste. 

Plant Protein

Pea Protein is the most popular choice out of the plant proteins. This is because it has received the most publicity in the market place, and has a smoother taste. The other popular plant protein is Rice Protein. As far as benefits for your training support go, they both are about equal. The Rice Protein doesn't mix up quite as smooth as the Pea Protein, but is usually the least allergenic. Rice Protein is often the first option recommended if you have digestive sensitivities. 

Choose from:

Pure European Pea Protein Isolate. This is our smooth mixing, low calorie, unflavoured Pea Protein. It's very low carbohydrate.

Supreme Pea Protein. This is our delicious Chocolate Mint flavoured Pea Protein. It uses the same very high quality protein source as the Pure European Pea Protein Isolate.

Pure Rice Protein. This is our low allergenic, unflavoured Rice Protein. It's ultra low calories, with very low carbohydrate, and very low fat content.

Other options

We do stock a couple of other useful Grass Fed dairy proteins. These are both Casein proteins. The two proteins that make up Milk naturally are Whey, and the other is Casein. Casein is the protein part that's digested very slowly over many hours. Casein proteins are great if you want to stay full longer, or to provide a long and steady release of protein for the body. This is particularly useful at night time.

Choose from:

Pure NZ Micellar. This is our easiest to drink and mixing Casein. It contains very health supportive properties, which is great if you are wanting maximum help for intense training. It can be mixed 50:50 with Whey protein to make a time released smoothie.

Pure NZ Casein. This is our thickest mixing protein powder. The consistency it mixes up into is more like a mousse rather than a shake. Due to its very thick consistency it's great for filling up on for a long time. It's ultra low calories, with close to zero fat and carbohydrates. This is great at night if you are watching calories closely.

If you have questions about protein powders, or which will suit you best, just let me know, or take a look at my article here:
Whey Protein Advice - How to choose one for you
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