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Train Harder With These Strong Supplements

Strong inside equals strong outside. To train harder and make faster progress, you need to start with what you put on the inside. Here's some of our top helpers.

Defining Whey Premium
Made from Pure NZ Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate. The nutrition profile coming from this form of whey, is the best choice to support harder training and more intense goals. If you find you're feeling rundown using other protein powders, this is the one to switch to for help with improving on that, and recovery.

Pure BCAA Instantised
Help provide the building blocks for muscle repair and development, with the fastest uptake possible. Because BCAA's are 'freeform', the uptake by the body is faster than from protein powders or protein foods. This is why it's ideal to use them around training time when the body is on full amino burn mode. The more amino's your muscles have access to at this time, the better.

Pure NZ Casein
If you need protein to cover you for the greatest amount of time, Pure NZ Casein is the one to go with. It's ideal at night, before bed, or you can use it during the day too (if you think there will be a long gap between meals). Being close to zero carbs and fat, its calories are safe for night time use. You can make great diet desserts with it, due to its very thick consistency. 

Citrulline Malate
This amino is now the number one ingredient at the heart of good pre-workout supplements. Arginine used to be popular, but has now been out gunned by better strength and muscle performance help coming from Citrulline Malate instead. But, if you want the most from it, the recommended dose is 6 grams, not all pre-workouts will contain this amount. If you need to top up, here you go.

Beta Alanine
For helping muscle endurance and power, this is the king. You will find this in many pre-workout supplement formulations. This is also often under-dosed in pre-workouts, aim for 2 to 4 grams a day. If you want greater results from it, take it as 2 separate serves per day. Pre workout is a good time for one serve.

Pure Taurine
They put it in big brand energy drinks for a reason. Taurine is great value muscle endurance, and mind focus help. It's also useful assistance for post workout recovery, when Taurine levels in muscle have been depleted. It may help you prevent muscle cramps too.

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