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Results are 80% diet, 20% training

One of the big reasons people don’t achieve the body they want is their food intake is never quite spot on. Foods role for weight loss or lean muscle should be your highest priority. It's often said 80% of training progress comes down to diet. Personally I feel diet plays an even more important part than that sometimes. I’ve seen many people slog their guts out training but not get anywhere near the results they deserve. Diet is what let’s them down.

Nutrition needs careful planning and attention to detail. No amount of exercise, no matter how hard you train, or how perfect it is will make up for a diet that’s off. If you ever wonder why you don’t seem to be progressing, many times it will be your nutrition that is holding you back. It could be a very minor fault somewhere you have overlooked.

Plan your eating well in advance. Maybe that means sitting down once a week and mapping it out. Put together a shopping list and make sure you buy all items on there. For convenience pre–prepare, or buy some meals and keep them in the fridge or freezer until you need them. If you find yourself in the situation of having nothing at hand when meal time rolls around this is a recipe for disaster.

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