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The best protein powder for a Ketogenic Diet

Shopping for healthy foods and supplements to suit a Ketogenic or low carbohydrate diet is not simple. Carbohydrates are usually in most options in amounts that are too high to suit Keto diets and low carb diets. Many protein bars and protein powders contain sugars and other types of carbohydrates called sugar alcohols which can complicate dieting too. To help meet your protein needs, choosing a low carbohydrate protein powder, without added ingredients, can make life a lot more simple. Here's our top three.

1) Pure NZ Isolate
Pure NZ Isolate is our most popular Ketogenic and low carbohydrate protein powder. The reason being is, it contains a very low carbohydrate content. It's close to zero grams of carbs per serve. It also contains close to zero fat content. This makes it a very low calorie protein source. Due to being such a pure source of Whey, it's digested quickly. This makes it a great choice for a post workout shake or any time fastest digestion speed is needed. It has a very clean and light consistency, and is easy to drink.

2) Pure NZ Casein
Pure NZ Casein is our lowest calorie 'slow' keto protein. When slower digestion speed is preferred this is the one to go for. It's also very filling to drink to help you feel satisfied for a long time. It mixes up into a thick, mousse like consistency, which makes it useful for making low calorie desserts with very high protein content. The carbohydrate and fat contained inside is very similar to Pure NZ Isolate – both are close to zero, so the calories are minimal. 

3) Pure European Pea Protein Isolate
If your needs call for a very low carbohydrate plant protein source, then Pure European Pea Protein Isolate is the best plant based ketogenic diet option. It has close to zero grams of carbohydrates per serve. It has a medium speed digestion rate. It you would like to blunt hunger pangs and feel full for longer, it may help you out quite well. It contains no other added ingredients or additives, it's just a pure plant protein only.
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