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Pure Taurine Powder 300g Reactiv Supplements

Pure Taurine

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Additive and flavour free

  • Help volumise muscle cells
  • Support mental focus
  • Assist lactic acid control

Vegan Approved Product

What is Pure Taurine?

You may recognise Taurine as one of the highly promoted natural energy lifting ingredients included in commercial energy soft drinks. Taurine is a conditionally essential and naturally occurring amino acid stored in high amounts in human muscle (the second most abundant after Glutamine). It's also thought that Taurine is the most abundant amino acid found in the muscle fibers activated for explosive power activities (the Type II muscle fibers).

As well as helping with energy, Taurine may act in a similar way to Creatine by helping the muscle cells hold more water (through cell volumisation). Cell volumisation is the holy grail for serious trainers wanting maximum lean muscle and strength gains.

How Taurine helps support muscle

Exercisers supplement Taurine to help develop lean muscle, build strength, explosive power, and protect muscle from breakdown. It's also used to assist recovery from training.

Regular exercise may reduce Taurine levels in muscles significantly. Supplementation may be helpful for maintaining optimum Taurine stores. The common reported benefits of Taurine supplementation include improved endurance ability, greater strength and muscle gains, as well as increased focus and cognitive performance. Taurine is also supplemented to help reduce the occurrence of muscular cramps.

What does Reactiv Pure Taurine contain?

Contains 100% Pure Active Taurine powder. This is a pure powder, free from additives, flavours, colours, and preservatives.

How to use Pure Taurine

Take 1 level teaspoon (2g) mixed in water or a drink. Take 1 - 2 serves per day.

Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 level teaspoon (2g)

100% Taurine

Overall Rating

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Customer Reviews

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Craig Oliveira

Used this during my first bodybuilding prep since I was having issues with my muscles randomly cramping and having poor sleep. I took 4g before bed every night and I no longer cramped and slept like a baby. Couldn't recommend this product enough!

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