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3 Fast Fat Burning Tips

Dropping body fat has it's moments. Sometimes you're winning, and sometimes it feels like you're getting nowhere. Understanding that this cycle is part of the process, is the first step to overcoming the plateau's. Here's 3 steps to getting back on track.

1) Take a close look at ALL of your food 
Make a list of everything you are eating and drinking. What are the commercially pre-made foods and drinks on your list? Protein bars, muesli bars, ready to drink shakes and smoothies, cereals, breads, wraps, juices, rice biscuits, coffee's. All of these can be obstacles. Remove them and replace them with only single ingredient, natural foods instead. All should be prepared by you (or someone you trust). Pre-prepared 'healthy' foods can often look ok on the nutrition panels, and in the marketing, but many times they slow or stop progress. 

2) Don't eat carbohydrates after 4pm
It sounds too simple. But it does work. Eat all of your carbs earlier in the day, and exclude them completely from any meals from 4pm every day. After 4pm just stick to servings of protein, healthy fats, and light, low carb vegetables only. It can take some getting used to, but persevere and you will see the results.

3) Do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach
If your fat burning progress isn't moving, and you aren't doing it already, start doing 20 to 30 minutes of cardio in the morning before you eat anything. Aim to do this 3 to 5 x a week. It can feel harder to exercise on an empty stomach, but you will survive, and your body fat will say goodbye.
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